Allform Timber stocks a comprehensive range of [Dressed All Round] DAR Timber Melbourne. DAR timber is timber that has been machined on all sides leaving a smooth surface and is used for a variety of uses including DIY

projects, home renovations, joinery, screening and architecturally inspired designs such featured walls.

Allform Timber DAR Timber can often save you the cost of getting third parties to carry out a project by making it easy for you to do the work yourself. We can cut DAR timber to your specification and suit your budget.  We offer a wide range of luxurious recycled timber, traditional solid hardwood, new wood timber or custom made and hard-wearing laminate solutions. You will be delighted with the result.

We specialize in DAR Timber made from reclaimed woods that is manufactured from wood recycled, reclaimed from old railway sleepers, flooring, and cladding from demolished or remodeled buildings, furniture ext.

Although made from recycled wood, Allform Timber recycled DAR timber Melbourne is treated by us in our factory to reclaim all of its original beauty. Its age invariably adds to the beauty of the finished product.

Allform Timber takes care to only select wood with the right grade and thickness required for your particular project. Recycled timber that has been well engineered by qualified recycled specialists such as Allform Timber ensures maximum stability and durability of your finished product.

You can get recycled or reclaimed wood for your recycled

flooring in a wide range of different finishes. Before making your choice, Allform Timber will help you consider the colors of other things already in your room and assist you in selecting the type of floor that will blend with your furniture and other items in the house.

By using our wide range of up-cycled or new selected DAR timber you can create a stunning result in your project. This is why many designers or homeowners prefer recycled Allform Timbers DAR. So, if you looking for DAR timber for your project or other vintage elements for your home renovation, call Allform Timber on 0438 373 319.

Made exclusively from Australian recycled timber Allform Timber also make and install recycled Wooden Benchtops benchtops and timber flooring for your home and business.

Offered in various species- the most popular being: Sizes offered from:
Messmate Thickness 10mm to 70mm
Spotted Gum Lengths up to 5000mm
Black Butt Widths up to 1200mm
Oregon Pine
Victorian Ash