Whether you have or manage a restaurant that features indoor or outdoor dining, choosing the right table tops will make your place more comfortable and convenient. There are many things you need to consider when selecting a table top for your restaurant whether new or an old restaurant that you want to renovate.

Before choosing any table top for your restaurant, think about the theme of your restaurant, the customer you cater for and the top that will look best in your restaurant setting. Recycled Timber wood is a clean and sturdy style for both outdoors and indoors restaurants including sports bars and cafes.

Weather is another important factor to consider as you wouldn’t want to expose your tables to intense UV sunlight, rain, and mild wind. You will need to choose the furniture accordingly. There are many things you must keep in your mind when you plan to pick a table top for your restaurant so you can get the right and affordable dining top for your need.

An excellent dining area is a great feature for any restaurant thus, it must be well designed to the taste of your customers, the best and affordable way to do it is by installing your table tops with quality wood from Recycled Timber. Being able to entertain your clients every time in your restaurant with this star designed table tops provide a background scene that no one can beat. Whether you are operating a small restaurant, bar or a café, the right surfaces will enhance your business by providing a durable and fitting table tops.

The first thing to consider is the weather; you will need table tops that will be able to take care of all the weather condition such as rain, heat, and wind. You will also need table tops that will stand the pressure of stains from food and drink.

Table tops made from recycled wood is a good choice since it is known to be extremely durable and easy to maintain, this will make cleaning easy to perform. Allform timber top surfaces look beautiful and can be sturdy and meet all needs of quality restaurant table tops.

Eating in a restaurant tends to be more casual and can mean dropped food and spilled drinks, so you will need a table top that can stand these mishaps. Using table tops designed from reclaimed timber wood will not only give your table a striking appearance but also have the materials necessary to protect your table from spilled food and drinks when serving dishes and also to eat. Your recycled table tops will combine all the fashionable and practical features to provide you with the choice place for business and entertaining your customers.

If you have been planning to make new table tops for your restaurant or thinking of renovating the existing ones, consider designing your restaurant table tops using new or reclaimed wood as the best and most affordable option.

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By using our wide range of up-cycled or new selected timber we can create stunning bench tops to form an architecturally pleasing focal point. The final product is created to meet each customer’s own specific requirements.


Offered in various species- the most popular being: Sizes offered from:
Messmate Thickness 10mm to 70mm
Spotted Gum Lengths up to 5000mm
Black Butt Widths up to 1200mm
Oregon Pine
Victorian Ash

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